CrazeBTC How It Works

First of all Thank you for choosing CrazeBTC. 

Let me Explain you this simple, powerful business concept:

First of all, This system is 100% legal and 1000% successful. It is not a Scam or Fraud way of making Money. This system of making money is very simple than any other system in the Internet. You can see the result in less than 7 days.
First you need to Invest 0.01 BTC only (That's around $7). If you think to invest 0.01 BTC for this system, then let me tell you one thing, this amount can get you only a Burger or a Regular Pizza. If you want to become a Millionaire, you can sacrifice this. By next Sunday you may go to the Restaurant in your own car.
After you have upgraded your account, You can bring/refer 5 members below you. Hence without putting any efforts you will earn 0.05 BTC. 

This is the initial way to earn. After you have reached 5 referrals limit. You will have to upgrade your account to level 2 to earn from your level 2 referrals. The Upgrade fee for Level 2 is just 0.03 BTC. This amount you have already earned from Level 1. So you are not using anything from your own pocket.

Level 2 is simply amazing. Here is how the passive earning thing works. You need not refer any members under you. Your Level 1's 5 member will refer 5 member under them. (Just like you did in level 1).



So you will now get a question, How do I get the level 2 Payment. You will earn this level 2 payment from your 25 level 2 referrals. (Total earning will be 0.75 BTC) Isn't that amazing?


Level 3 works the same way and you get to earn a total of 38 BTC ($27,000).

Guess what? You are going to earn this 38 BTC every month. Crazy Right! ;)


This process is simple and when everyone under you follows the same process, Everyone earns Fortune.
If you are still unaware how the system works, Our automated system will take care of everything and your work will only be to refer members.


Today is the right time to start. If you skip today, you may lose huge number of BTC in a single day. 




Basic Tutorials :

Adding Payment wallet :

CrazeBTC uses Bitcoin payments only (As cryptocurrencies have 0 transaction fee)
To add a wallet,

1. Login to your account. (
2.Go to Bitcoin Wallet (
3. Click "Add new Wallet" button and enter your wallet details. (Wallet name, Wallet ID and your secret answer) and then click next.
4. After you have added your payment wallet, You can upgrade your account to level 1.


Upgrading Account :

In order to earn from your downline, You will need to upgrade your account to Level 1.

1. Login to your account.
2 Click Upgrade Account :
3. The system automatically assigns a user to whom you have to pay in order to upgrade your account.
4. Follow the steps provided in the upgrade page.
5. Complete the payment
6. Enter the HASH ID and click submit.
7. Your account is automatically upgraded once your blockchain payment is confirmed.



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